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Picasso, the Legacy

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 Picasso, the Legacy

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Picasso, the Legacy
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Pablo Picasso is without doubt the most well-known and prolific 20th century artist. Yet the man remains shrouded in mystery - one that this fi lm endeavors to clear up.

Starting with Pablo Picasso's death on 8 April 1973 - he died intestate - the authors carry out a veritable investigation to recount the incredible discovery made by his heirs: thousands of works of art, whose very existence was previously unknown. This vast legacy and inheritance was to turn the family upside down - a family that had been blended several times over.

From previously unaired archives, and rare and exclusive interviews given by members of the Picasso family, the fi lm brings to life an incredible emotional and artistic saga that finally sheds light on the mystery of both the genius and the man.

An essential and unprecedented documentary for understanding Pablo Picasso's life and work.

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Rmn-GP / France Télévision Distribution
Hugues Nancy et Olivier Widmaier Picasso
Paris - Musée Picasso
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Modern & Contemporary Art
Pablo Ruiz Picasso (1881-1973)
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