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DVD Kupka, Pioneer of the abstraction

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 DVD Kupka, Pioneer of the abstraction

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DVD Kupka, Pioneer of the abstraction
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Born in 1871 in a village in Bohemia, Frank Kupka is the first artist to exhibit an abstract painting in 1912. However, it is Kandinsky, Mondrian or Malevitch who have more generally established themselves as the pioneers of abstraction. Kupka's work is one of the most radical and ambitious of the twentieth century.
The painter nurtured a vast field of study from botany to esotericism and the scientific discoveries of his time. It is this mixture of technical, pictorial and musical sources that led him gradually to abandon figuration in favor of detached forms of references to reality.
Solitary painter, refusing belonging to any pictorial movement in the middle of an era marked by schools and bands of artists, this film also questions the promotional strategies that make or break the reputation of an artist in this particular ecosystem that is the "world of art".

Jacques Lœuille is a director and graduate of the School of Fine Arts of Fresnoy - National Studio of Contemporary Arts. He is the author of essays La Peseuse d'or (2017), fictions * Théodore Kracklite's journal * (2016), but also portraits of artists for television, such as Marguerite Yourcenar, Alchemy du landscape (2013) or Rubens, Painting Europe (2017), his previous collaboration with the RMN-Grand Palais.

Kupka, a pioneer of the abstraction is produced by Zadig productions for Arte and Czech national television to accompany the Kupka exhibition in spring 2018. Jacques Loeuille is currently finishing a feature film The * Birds of America * inspired by the work of Jean-Jacques Audubon.

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Abstraction, Modern, Painting
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František Kupka (1871-1957)
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