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Notebook Archeology goes graphic

REF IP250021 EAN 3336728723424

 Notebook Archeology goes graphic

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Notebook Archeology goes graphic

This notebook was made for the exhibition : Archeology goes Graphic, made by the Louvre's Petite Gallerie, a space made for artistic and cultural education. The illustrations shown on this notebook are from the comic Silex and the City, by Jul.

Printed in France in compliance with environmental standards

The textured textured surface of this paper is suitable for a wide variety of techniques and in particular pencil, pastel and charcoal work.

L. 25 cm (9,84"); W. 18 cm (7,09")
32 blank pages
High quality drawning paper, Lana Dessin Médium white
Pieces shown
Naked woman with fin arms - Suse, 2100-2004 BCE
8,7 cm - Terracotta
Cat's sarcophagus - Lower era, 664-632 BCE
43,5 cm - Bronze, gilding, quartz
Tamoutnefret's sarcophagus - 19th dynasty, 1295 -1186 BCE
192 x 59,5 cm - Painted wood, gilding
Paris - Musée du Louvre
Archaeology, Comic strip, Egypt, Paleolithic, quaternary, magdalenian
Art movements
Egyptian Antiquities, National Antiquities