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Art gives it back to you well - Laurent Gounelle

REF GK197471 EAN 9782702167496

 Art gives it back to you well - Laurent Gounelle

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Art gives it back to you well - Laurent Gounelle


"Art has this ability to sometimes make us feel what we know confusingly deep inside us without ever having been able to express it. In an instant. Like a direct and dazzling access to the Source. Art plays with our senses to take us into the world of the mind where our soul flourishes. »

By unveiling his ideal museum, Laurent Gounelle invites us on a captivating journey where art explores universal themes that are dear to him: beauty, nature, childhood, love, spirituality... The paintings and sculptures he has selected today reveal all their secrets and invite us to an incredible aesthetic and intimate experience. Because on the fringe of contemporary frenzy, taking the time to immerse ourselves in the most beautiful works of art connects us to our emotions, offers keys to our questions and in return allows us to access personal fulfilment. In short, at every moment of life, art makes it all worth it!

160 pages / 100 illustrations
Dimensions: 19,7 x 25,8 x 2 cm
Publisher: Rmn-Grand Palais
Distributor: Flammarion

Paris - Réunion des musées nationaux- Grand Palais
Visual arts