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Désir pour désir

REF NT107098 EAN 9782711870981

 Désir pour désir

Désir pour désir

French language

Writer Mathias Enard publishes a work of fiction in the Cartels collection, on the occasion of the exhibition "Dazzling Venice. Venice, the arts and Europe in the 18th century".
"Antonio observed Venice: flood, ripples, vertigo. Antonio understood that he could no longer live without the young woman of the Ospedale della Pietà. His chest bounced, his cheeks slightly pink, his hair reddish, curly, his eyes clear and that je ne sais quoi in the gaze that made him vibrate - Antonio could not concentrate; he took a sheet of paper and tried to sketch, from memory and with a pencil lead, Camilla's face while wondering what stratagem he could imagine to talk to her, before or after mass. He remembered that the serious, slightly sinister guy who accompanied him was called Amerigo. »

Nombre d'illustrations : 6

Dimensions : 13 x 19,6 x 1,1 cm

Format du livre : Relié PP sans jaquette

Paris - Grand Palais