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From Burgos to Bordeaux: a look at the royal weddings of 1615

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 From Burgos to Bordeaux: a look at the royal weddings of 1615

From Burgos to Bordeaux: a look at the royal weddings of 1615

Published on the occasion of the exhibition De Burgos à Bordeaux: regards sur les mariages royaux de 1615 from 12 December 2015 to 6 March 2016 in the premises of the Maison Baylaucq, 1 place Mulot in Pau and organized by the Musée national du château de Pau, cabinet des Arts graphiques.

On October 18, 1615, in Bordeaux and Burgos, the wedding of King Louis XIII of France with the Infanta Anne of Austria, and that of Elizabeth of France with Don Philip of Spain, the future Philip IV, was celebrated by proxy. Through this double union, the Regent Marie de Medici concretised her policy of rapprochement with Spain, in contrast to that of her late husband Henry IV.
Arriving in Bordeaux on 7 October, the court did not leave until 17 December and sumptuous celebrations were organised during this long stay.
Printed works, prints and medals, presented in the exhibition, take up the account of these events, spreading an eminently political message that needs to be deciphered. These works come for the most part from the National Museum's rich graphic arts cabinet, and are supplemented by loans from French heritage institutions. The exhibition will also offer a contemporary counterpoint to this presentation, thanks to the black and white photographs taken by Didier Sorbé at several points along the crossed itinerary of the two princesses, Elisabeth and Anne.
Do distant echoes of these extraordinary events still reach us, four centuries later, from the places where they took place?

Number of pages: 48

Number of illustrations: 40

Book format: Paperback without flap

November 2015
21 x 21 cm
Pau - Musée national du château de Pau
Queens and kings