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À mon seul désir

REF GK197477 EAN 9782370690210

 À mon seul désir

À mon seul désir

French language

I went every day to the museum in Cluny to see the tapestries of the Lady of the Unicorn. At the heart of these tapestries, among the faces, the dresses, the colours and the flowers, there is a mysterious phrase: "to my only desire". This book is the story of my adventures with this phrase.
It is a poetic experience. It is also an ecstasy: I lived several months with these tapestries, I bathed in their ocean of red silk, and this red blended into my life. If you enter that space which the Lady of the Unicorn opens up within you, you will go from shade to shade: you will move in a strange enjoyment; a new freedom will grow in your gestures. As you drift through Paris, you will come across nymphs, a young woman named Silky, an eroticism of every moment. Perhaps you will even have the revelation of this desire that lacks nothing.
Yannick Haenel

120 pages

Co-edition Argol / Rmn-Grand Palais