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Ann of Cleves Agate Necklace with pendant

REF BZ000029 EAN 3336729157839

 Ann of Cleves Agate Necklace with pendant

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Ann of Cleves Agate Necklace with pendant

A jewel inspired by the work of the German painter and engraver Hans Holbein, the Younger (1497-1543), "Anne of Cleves, Queen of England", ca. 1539.

A German painter and engraver, son of Hans Holbein the Elder, Hans Holbein the Younger first settled in Basel, where he worked for the merchant upper middle class, then, fleeing the Reformation, in London in 1526. Ten years later, he was appointed painter and valet to Henry VIII, and soon became the official portrait painter of the English court. In 1538, he was sent by the king to Düren, Germany, to paint the portrait of Anne of Cleves, a young woman whom the king of England was considering marrying. Holbein had to paint a flattering portrait, camouflage a slightly long nose, smooth out an imperfect complexion... and draw attention to her sumptuous attire. He pays great attention to detail and underlines the luxuriance of the finery: red silk, gold trimmings, rich headdress, delicate necklaces and rings. The portrait fulfils its function: Henry VIII had Anne of Cleves brought here and, although disappointed by reality, married her... and had the marriage annulled a few months later.

Keep the jewel away from dust and moisture.
Avoid contact with perfume, chemicals and cosmetics; avoid getting the jewel wet.

Material: 3 micron gold-plated brass, black agate
Dimensions: 45 x 1.9 x 1.9 cm

Paris - Musée du Louvre
Queens and kings
Agate, Gilt brass
Art movement
Hans Holbein le jeune (1497-1543)