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The Assyrian Demon Pazuzu

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 The Assyrian Demon Pazuzu

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The Assyrian Demon Pazuzu

Limited edition of 10 bronze reproductions. Cast made from the original work at the Art Studios of the Rmn-GP courtesy of the Louvre museum: February 2020 Bronze casting carried out by the artisans of the Monnaie de Paris: July 2020

The demon Pazuzu became a particularly popular figure in the Assyrian pantheon as early as the first millennium BC. He is presented in hybrid form : half man, half animal. An inscription on the backside of the statue reads : "I am Pazuzu, son of Hanpa, king of the evil spirits of the air, which issue violently from mountains, causing much havoc!" Associated with ill winds bearing disease, he can protect from other demons because he is their king. This statuette was long recognised as being the most complete representation of the demon, and has since become a modern celebrity. Dating back to his key role in the 1973 film, The Exorcist, Pazuzu has become a familiar figure in manga, cartoons (Simpson Horror Show), comic books (Adèle Blanc-sec The Demon of the Eiffel Tower) or album covers (Gorillaz).

Similarly to The Monnaie de Paris, the Rmn-GP Casting workshop is certified as an "Entreprise du patrimoine vivant" (Living Heritage Company). The first institution is 1200 years old, while the second was created just two centuries ago! A unique expertise has been maintained and perfected over time by generations of craftspeople from both houses: cast-iron art work at the Monnaie de Paris, and art work casting at the Rmn-GP casting workshop. Formerly housed in the Louvre museum, the workshop has specialised in the moulding of original works.

Assyria, northern modern-day Iraq
Early first millennium BC.
Paris, Musée du Louvre
Bronze reproduction after the original

16 x 9 x 5 cm
Paris - Musée du Louvre
Art movement
Oriental Antiquities