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REF RE000113 EAN 3336727444184



This very finely crafted scarab belongs to the naturalistic series of "Heart scarabs". The flat part under the animal's stomach bears a hieroglyphic inscription. Heart scarabs appeared during the New Empire as talismans, laid over the mummy in the place of the heart, as a kind of substitute.

The hieroglyphic formula pleads on behalf of the deceased, so that the heart will testify in his favour during the judgement of the dead.

This type of scarab is bigger than the other amulets in the shape of a beetle.

Reproduction in hand patinated resin
Reproduction in bronze with patina

H. 3 L. 7 P. 4,5 cm (Resin) - 100 g
H. 1.18" W. 2.76" D. 1.77" - 0.22 lbs

H. 2,8 L. 6,5 P. 4,3 cm (Bronze) - 400 g
H. 1.10" W. 2.56 D.1.69" - 0.88 lbs

Material of the original
Black hard stone
New Empire
Bordeaux - Musée d’Aquitaine
Animals, Egypt
Bronze, Resin
Art movement
Egyptian Antiquities