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Buddha Head Sâkyamuni

REF RK007606 EAN 3336727449257

 Buddha Head Sâkyamuni

Buddha Head Sâkyamuni

The Buddha Sâkyamuni (circa 560 to 480 B.C.) was born aPrince in what was then the north of India. He lived a life of pleasure in a palace, far removed from the ordinary world, until the age of 29 when he became aware of the harsh realities of life, with its poverty, disease, old age and death.

Deeply distressed, he left his wife and children in 531 B.C. to become an ascetic and pursue the goal of freeing humanity from suffering.

After spending years subjecting his body to all kinds of deprivations without gaining Enlightenment, he understood that only the «Middle Path» would lead to Awakening. Devoting himself completely to meditation while seated, he reached the state of Illumination.

Having become a Buddha («Awakened to the Truth»), he acquired supreme knowledge of the origin of suffering. He was thus freed from the cycle of existence, or Samsâra, and obtained peace through the extinction of passions, Nirvâna.

Reproduction in hand patinated resin

H. 32 cm (12,60"); W. 10 cm (3,94"); D. 13 cm (5,12")
Collection F. Pila, Prah Kan Angkor, Siemrap
Material of the original
12th century , Angkor-Vat style
Paris - Musée des Arts asiatiques–Guimet
Asia, Religion
Art movement
Asiatic art