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Marie-Antoinette tapestries - Cosmetic bag

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 Marie-Antoinette tapestries - Cosmetic bag

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Marie-Antoinette tapestries - Cosmetic bag

These roses and lilies, tied with a garland of cornflowers, are directly inspired by the embroidery of the bed in the Queen's bedroom.

In 1786, when Marie-Antoinette decided to renew her summer furnishings, that is to say, the decorative textiles of her royal bedroom, the Garde-Meuble asked Jean-François Bony, an embroiderer from Lyons, to produce embroideries for the bed and chairs to match the new wall hangings. The pattern includes the Queen's favourite flowers framing her monogram.

The designs by Bony, kept at Versailles, were used to reproduce the embroidery of the bed head in the Queen's bedroom, which was inaugurated in 1976 after being restored.

15 x 20cm
Fully lined
After the bed head in the Queen's bedroom
Versailles - Musée des châteaux de Versailles et de Trianon
Marie-Antoinette, Tapestry
Cotton, Polyester, Viscose
Art movement
18th century
Jean-François Bony (1754-1826)
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