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Egyptian bracelet

REF BB200216 EAN 3336728537892

 St. Silver

REF BB000217 EAN 3336728537915


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Egyptian bracelet

This piece of jewellery consists of a narrow plain open bangle, with flattened ends decorated with grooves, whose schematisation has given rise to several interpretations : they may evoke ribbons, like the ancient hieroglyphically signs frequently used as amulets in Pharaonic jewellery ; they also call to mind flowers, their corollas seen in profile, emerging from their leaflets, in the style of the floral bud pattern scattered over Coptic textiles.

Two identical bracelets were found in the excavations at Medinet-Habu, the ancient Coptic village of Djeme, situated opposite Luxor on the west bank of the Nile, they are made of silver inlaid with cornelian (now in museums in Cairo and Chicago).

These comparable examples suggest that the Louvre bracelet was probably made in Upper Egypt towards the end of the period of Roman rule over that country or at the beginning of the Coptic period. However the dynamic stylisation gives this bracelet a resolutely modern aspect.

New reference, new production

L. 6,4 cm - W. 1,5 cm - H. 1,0 cm
4th-5th century AD
Material of the original
Original in bronze
Paris - Musée du Louvre
Sterling Silver 925, Gold-plated
Art movement
Egyptian Antiquities