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4 "Arabesque" Bread & butter plates

REF CA200045 EAN 3336728514718

 4 "Arabesque" Bread & butter plates

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4 "Arabesque" Bread & butter plates

Inspired by a lid decorated with arabesques

This small lid is beautifully decorated with arabesques, composed of an interlaced pattern of palmettes organised in strict symmetry. The lid was produced in the town of Iznik, formerly Nicaea, which was a major ceramics centre from the 15th century.

The pieces produced are made of a silicaceous pottery on which was placed a fine layer of silica. The decoration was then painted and covered with a transparent glaze.

The compositions of the pottery, the layer of silica and the glaze are very similar and, in addition to great solidity, give the decoration an effect of depth. The red colour, obtained from Armenian bole, is in low relief. This colour appears on ceramics from 1557.

Ø 16 cm
Cardboard box
Lid decorated with arabesques,
Turkey, Iznic, c. 1560
Paris, Musée du Louvre, Department of Islamic Art
Material of the original
Original ceramic, painted on white slip and underglaze
Opening of new areas of the Department of Islamic Art - Louvre Museum - September 2012
Paris - Musée du Louvre
Ceramic, Made in France
Art movements
16th century, Islamic art